Doddridge County Schools (WV)

Substitute Teachers (18-034-20)

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TitleSubstitute Teachers
Posting ID18-034-20

"Now is the Time:  United to Make a Difference!"




  1. Hold Valid West Virginia Teacher Certification/Licensure. (Applications in all endorsements areas will be accepted).
  2. Meet minimum standards for certification as set forth by the West Virginia Department of Education in Minimum Standards for Licensure of West Virginia School Personnel.
  3. Satisfactory evaluations and/or recommendations from professional associates, employers and/or supervisors.
  4. Exhibits knowledge of the duties and responsibilities as demonstrated in the personal interview.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively with students, school personnel and parents.
  6. Educational philosophy comparable with the Doddridge County Board of Education philosophy, mission statement and core beliefs.
  7. Ability to work cooperatively with others.
  8. Ability to motivate students and get them excited about learning.
  9. Exhibits knowledge of current instructional technologies. 


REPORTS TO:  Building Principal, Assistant Principal or designee as assigned by the Superintendent.




Substitute teachers must: maintain valid educator licensure at all times, renew educator licenses as set forth by WVDE, maintain positive work habits, perform duties as assigned and directed, maintain and upgrade professional skills, communicate effectively and exhibit professional teaching knowledge and strategies.  




  1. Implementing programs of study.
  2. Foster a classroom climate conducive to learning.
  3. Use instructional management systems which increase student learning.
  4. Monitor student progress towards mastery of instructional objects and goals.
  5. Communicate effectively within the educational community.
  6. Meeting professional responsibilities.
Shift TypeSubstitute
Salary RangeSubstitute
LocationAll Facilities

Applications Accepted

Start Date10/07/2019
End Date11/20/2019